We focus on pre-seed to series A companies who are truly solving a business problem or transforming the world as we know it in BIG markets. We also invest in late stage/pre-ipo deals that are a few years away from an exit that have a proven model of repeatable and predictable revenue. We like to focus on supporting the following verticals

  • B2B:
    • We love investing in technologies that have repeatable business models that support enterprise workflows, solve painpoints for businesses, and provide real ROI which trend towards an initial $1M ARR with a healthy revenue multiple every year.
  • B2C:
    • There are great opportunities to explore rapid growth with new consumer brands emerging. These types of businesses are the next generation of the incumbent storefront. Customers need more products on demand and are now requiring a higher standard of premium boutique quality that the incumbents can’t offer. This provides opportunities for technology companies who can master the supply chain and creatively provide products that delight the customer.
    • Consumer Applications will also emerge to support consumer workflows whether is is for personal finance, new content creation, or utilities
    • Many emerging technologies are still decades away from achieving mainstream adoption. Having the foresight to see both the economic & technological opportunities will be critical in determining the right market leaders for the important use cases that are identified. The high tech barrier will be a differentiating factor. In addition, understanding who the ideal customer is towards these new applications will be critical as well. Our strong partnerships with researchers, and top academic institutions will also assist in this.
    • Although the contrary can be assumed, positive returns and impact can work hand in hand. Finding new sources of energy that are especially renewable provides more outlets for efficient transportation, agriculture, and no carbon emissions. Allowing opportunities for underserved communities with technologies that can empower them to have access to information, employment, & solutions. Healthcare should be accessible to all income levels, and it should never be a luxury. More opportunities to expand the reach of good care while reducing the complexities of the healthcare system will provide great opportunities domestic and abroad.