Part-Time Private Equity & Venture Capital Rotation Program

NEW Emerging Fund Manager Demo Day

Are you an emerging first time fund manager? Gone are the days, where it is too difficult to get the support needed to enable the next generation of fund managers. After the huge success of our GLOBAL Private equity / VC rotation program, we now are fulfilling the ever growing need to be the catalyst for Emerging Managers to learn from LPs, fund attorneys on how to setup their fund, and share their investment thesis & story at a Emerging Fund Manager Demo day. Learn more here.

Note: All content on this site is for educational purposes only and should never be construed as financial advice, fund raising, fund services, or promise of employment.

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Monday Partners Meetings

Every Monday night after work, there is a Partners Meeting hosted via Zoom by top private equity and venture capital investors. This is a critical meeting ran at funds usually on Mondays to evaluate top investments presented by analysts and associates at funds. As part of hands on the learning process you get to participate in the following activities.

  • Source deals and interact with founders who pitch YOU as an investor
  • Present investment deals to professional private equity & venture capital investors and get candid feedback on your deal evaluation
  • Perform due diligence if it passes partners meeting to potentially lead the deal in the investment committee
  • Participate in finalizing the terms of the deal with the founder and other coinvestors
  • Career coaching, resume support, interview / job prep, & hiring manager introductions

Academic Lectures (click each module to see more info)

Module 1: Buy side vs. Sell Side, Private Equity/VC Intro
  • The Investment Management Universe
  • The Buy Side vs. The Sell Side
  • Investment Banking 101
  • Private Equity & VC Dynamics
  • The Evolution of Venture Capital
    • Management Fees & Carry
    • Generalist vs. Niche Focused Funds
  • Angel Investing, Pre-seed/Seed , Late Stage, & Growth Equity Basics
  • Private Equity 101
    • Leveraged Buyouts
    • Hostile Takeovers
    • Delisting Securities
Module 2: Career Pathways and Secondary Markets
  • Private Equity/VC Career Pathways
  • Corporate Venture Capital
  • Secondary Markets & Transactions
  • How to Start a Secondary Markets Career & Business
  • Emerging Manager Programs
  • The Private Equity/VC Lifecycle Framework
Module 3: Market Sizing, Investment Thesis, Sourcing, Investor KPIs
  • Top Down Market Sizing
  • Bottom Up Market Sizing
  • Developing an Investment Thesis 
  • Handling Confirmation Bias in Investing
  • Investment Pattern Matching & Analysis
  • First Principles Investment Methodologies
  • Emotional Intelligence in PE/VC
  • Inbound and Outbound Dealsourcing Strategy
  • Dealflow Analysis Parameters

Module 4: Financial Statements Analysis, Revenue/Churn Analysis, IRR
  • Intro to Financial Statements
  • Income Statements, Balance Sheets, & Cash Flows
  • Financial Key Performance Indicators & Metrics
  • Revenue / Churn Modeling & Analysis
  • Contribution Margin
  • Net Present Value vs. Internal Rate of Return
  • IRR, EBITDA, Enterprise Value, Equity Value
  • IRR Benchmarks
  • Discounted Cashflows, Leveraged Buyouts

Module 5: Valuation, Fund Structures, Cap Tables, Financial Modeling, Waterfall Analysis, Return Multiple Analysis
  • Valuation & Ownership
  • Funding Vehicles
  • Evergreen Vs. Closed End Fund Structures
  • Raising Capital for a Fund & How to Build a Network of LPs
  • Family Offices, Endowments, Foundations, & Venture Philanthropy
  • Emerging Manager Programs
  • How to start an SPV, Fund, Rolling Fund, and Syndicate
  • Private Equity & VC Regulations
  • Venture Debt
  • Fund Mechanics & Financing Channels
  • Modeling a Fund’s Size, Time Horizon, & Returns
  • Funding Rounds and Sizes
  • Tech & PE / VC Stacks
  • Industries & Exit Trends
  • Cap Tables 
  • Return Scenarios & Waterfall Analysis
Module 6: Datarooms, Diligence, Term Sheets, Board Seats/Governance, Tax Policies, u0026amp; Accounting
  • Data Rooms & Due Diligence
  • Term Sheets / Liquidation Preferences
  • Board Seats / Governance
  • Wiring Money, Final Closing Events, Tax, & Accounting
Module 7: Investment Committees
  • Final Investment Committee Meetings
  • Final Deals/Investments are Closed
Module 8: Career Coaching, Private Equity /VC Mock Interviews, u0026amp; Resume Review
  • Private Equity Career Support
    • Career Coaching, Mentorship, Resume Writing
    • PE/VC Career Placement
    • Warm Intros to Hiring Managers
    • Private Investor Meetings

Global Times (Evenings)

(financial aid & payment plans for those with proven documentation of financial hardship)

Monday Partners Meetings, Wednesday Dealflow Reviews


6pm-8pmUK time

8:30-10:30pmHK time

Break Into Private Equity and Venture Capital

It’s impossible to land a job in private equity or venture capital without real work experience. Most times, when you apply, you never hear back. The number ONE reason why is because another candidate just had slightly a bit more experience. Our program allows you to learn the theory, but then get hands on interactive experience by joining a Private Equity / VC firm with a team of experienced investors. You get experience presenting real potential investment opportunities to an investment committee to get candid feedback. We surround you with a network of 3-4 private meetings with investors every week to get mentored and also get help with your resume and mock interviews to land a fulltime job in Private Equity and Venture Capital.

Learn The Theory

We teach the critical foundations needed to be successful in Private Equity and Venture Capital. Along with knowing the soft skills to connect with the right deals and co-investors, it is very important to build a strong theory in developing an investment thesis. In addition, it’s important to develop a knowledge in financial modeling, analyzing financial statements, funding rounds, cap tables, valuation, and return analysis. We go through all these advanced concepts and ensure that you have all the right skills in your toolkit to be both prepared and successful. See the Syllabus Below.

Join the Investment Team

Once you Learn the theory, you are ready to join the investment team and present to the investment committee every Monday with fully practitioning private equity and venture capital investors. We surround you with a network of 3-4 private meetings with investors every week to get mentored and build the critical skills and experience to be a top candidate when you are applying to jobs or thinking about starting your own fund eventually. This is conveniently done part time online and even if you miss anything, it’s recorded.

A Global Investment Team

Our investment team spans all these countries and more!! This unlocks access to proprietary dealflow in the hidden pockets of the world; and builds partnerships with the top accelerators, and top funds in all those regions.

Remote Learning & Recorded for Later

Everything is done via Zoom, which makes it super easy to be plugged in anywhere. We also teach it during various times globaally so even if you travel or live in another country, you can always stay engaged. Furthermore, everything is RECORDED, so you never miss anything. We also have investment team group chatrooms, alumni chatrooms, and other special groups with various investors.

Career Coaching

We will help you with your resume, help you develop a super strong investement thesis, and also have stories to talk about in the interview when it comes to recent deals, and why you decided to invest or not. That is half the battle when it comes to landing the final job offer.

Cohort Members are Fulltime Working Professionals

Typical investor cohort members have fulltime jobs from all walks of life or are in college fulltime and want to ensure that they get the career experience needed to GET A JOB in Private Equity/VC. Our students are all over the world, and since we teach this at various times, anyone in the world can take this after work. Many students work at large banks like JPMorgan, Goldman, Barclays, etc.. or Big 4 accounting firms like EY, Deloitte. However, we are starting to see people from various industries like Medical Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, Musicians, and Athletes who want to also now pursue launching their own fund. In addition, we ensure there is diversity in age, gender, sexual orientation, and race. Private Equity should be for EVERYONE!