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Sutton Capital is a venture capital and private equity investment syndicate that invests in B2B, B2C, Impact, and Deep Tech investments both in the early stage and late stage/Pre-IPO stage. To exponentially grow our expert network, we have a private equity/VC educational program powered by a global network of investors, serial entrepreneurs, and industry executives to generate world class proprietary dealflow. We have several guest speakers, seasoned private equity / VC mentors, and instructors to support the ecosystem.

Great entrepreneurs humble us. Our goal is to help remove roadblocks and support them to be successful. Our team consists of industry experts, operators, and leaders who are ready to leverage capital, our network, and resources to grow your businesses.

Learn the theory and foundations of private equity, equity research, investment management, and venture capital. Then build valuable hands on learning experiences during our Rotation Program supporting partnering family offices, HNWIs, and coinvesting funds.

We spend time with partnering Tech Investment Event Hosts, Venture Capitalists, Foundations, Founders, Family Offices, Accelerators, Corporates, and other influential leaders so we can support the tech investment ecosystem together. With COVID-19 being close on our radar, we’ve created a salon of curated and intimate discussions with various investors to share thought leadership.

Network and community is a big part of our ethos. We enjoy building bridges and synergies across all ecosystems and find solutions and support systems for each other. Whether it is through sharing knowledge, building relationships, or creating alignment, we are all here for each other!

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